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-Words & music by Bjarne Beltoft.

-Produced & arranged by Stig Kreutzfeldt

                                                          Ad libs: Arvid - Vicky - James

There's a time to come  Bjarne

when birds will all be gone  Bjarne

no more eagles flying high  Arvid

across the sky  Arvid

no more fresh winds blow  Vicky

no more We to show  Vicky

memories of loving you  Peter

who will ever know  Peter


How can we leave all this land in despair  Sanne - Vicky

how come we don't care  Amina - Peter

about the gifts that Mother Nature has to give  Sanne - Vicky

give your heart and she will always live  All


The Human Kind  Maggie

will always win  Maggie 

learning to love the World  Vicky

from within  Vicky

we ought to give  Maggie

the World a chance  Maggie

a chance to survive the pain  Morten

from the work of Man  Morten - Ad libs: Amina - James


Been taking all this time  Peter 

to reach a conscious mind  Maggie

now's the time to face the facts  Peter

to read the signs  Peter

I want to be somebody  Arvid

I need to be someone  Amina - Sanne

who shares, who gives  Peter

who makes a truth  Peter

with all beneath the Sun  Marie


How can we leave all this land in despair  Amina - Morten

how come we don't care  Sanne - Arvid

about the gifts that Mother Nature has to give  Maggie - Ad libs: Marie

give your heart and she will always live  James - All


The Human Kind  Louise

will always win  Morten

learning to love the World  Marie

from within  Marie

we ought to give  Louise

the World a chance  Louise

a chance to survive the pain  Maggie

from the work of Man  Marie - Ad libs: Sanne - James


The Human Kind  Marie

will always win  Marie

learning to love the World  Amina

from within  Maggie - Ad libs: Louise

we ought to give  Louise

the World a chance  Louise - Ad libs: Marie

a chance to survive the pain  James - Ad libs: Louise

from the work of Man  Marie - James - Sanne - Ad libs: Sanne - James



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    THE HUMAN KIND song project

   supports an ongoing forest restoration 

   project in Durban, South Africa.

   All funds that are raised through sales

   of the song, will be donated to this 



   Read more at:


   Wildlands - Greening your future




    This project is also supported by


   Danish International Development Assistance  2009 - All rights reserved














 THE HUMAN KIND has been released

 to raise awareness of climate change

 issues. To encourage participants of

 the UN's Climate Change Conference

 in Copenhagen COP15 to seek and

 make the right decisions, to benefit the

 health of our planet...