THE HUMAN KIND                                                                              

-Words & music by Bjarne Beltoft

-Produced & arranged by Stig Kreutzfeldt



Vocal artists listed in order of appearance:


Arvid - Vicky Singh - James Sampson - Bjarne Beltoft  

Peter Busborg - Sanne Graulund - Amina Carsce Nissen

Maggie Reilly -Morten Woods - Marie Carmen Koppel - Louise Norby





Stig Kreutzfeldt: keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion  - Poul Halberg: guitars

Chris Kreutzfeldt: drums - Olivier Antunes: piano - All vocals in the choir  



"THE HUMAN KIND" will be released in September 2009 to raise awareness of climate change issues.

To encourage participants of the UN's Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen COP15 to seek

and make the right decisions, to benefit the health of our planet.


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As the songwriter and initiator I would like to thank everyone involved in the project.


- All the artists for your contribution.

- Jeanette Hartz and BjŲrg Bisgaard at SEAS-NVE for your hard work.

- Morten StÝve and Mikkel Nymand at DPA Microphones for your dedication and encouragement.

- Stig Kreutzfeldt for letting me use your great talent and incredible skills.

- And very speciel thanks to Marguerite French Dideriksen for our long time friendship and for

  throwing ideas across the kitchen table.

- And thanks to YOU for supporting the cause.


Bjarne Beltoft


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    THE HUMAN KIND song project

   supports an ongoing forest restoration 

   project in Durban, South Africa.

   All funds that are raised through sales

   of the song, will be donated to this 



   Read more at:


   Wildlands - Greening your future




    This project is also supported by


   Danish International Development Assistance © 2009 - All rights reserved