Out of Copenhagen


Songwriting became an important part of my life after a term

with an inspiring guitar player and teacher "Torben Sloth Carlsen."

Learning amazing chords, opening a whole new world of sounds and harmonies.

Although I failed to practice techniques and scales, I was hooked on writing songs.

The newly learned chords really found a place and ideas for new songs constantly

popped up in my mind. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night having an

entire score playing inside my head, or it could be small parts of lyrics I immediately had to note.

At that time I earned my living by carrying musicians and their gear to and from gigs around venues

in Copenhagen. I owned a small truck and one of its features was a small guitar.

I had bought a 3/4 sized Landola and it fitted right behind the drivers seat and everytime I stopped

the engine, I pulled itout and continued writing songs. Often I did this along the docks of Copenhagen,

while I was waiting for the next call of duty. Some days the temperatures fell way below zero

but I was too far into a creative process to notice.


Across The Hall

A colleague of mine met me in one of these moments. He was an excellent guitar player in his own right.

He listened to some of my songs and suddenly I found myself with a band "Across The Hall" 

for the next six years, sometimes rehearsing my songs, sometimes just talking.

Anyway, it was good times and we made it to some of the small venues in Copenhagen.

I still miss the guys...

Later on I teamed up with a couple and formed  another band "Keep Chickens."

Katrine & Michael insisted on playing my songs. We tried to make things work in a quite different way

and they constantly encouraged me to write more songs.

At the time I was in a change of my life and kind of leaving the music environment mentally,

so sadly we came apart. Today I am still filled with gratitute for their enthusiasm.


Under my tree

In the early years, my habitat didn't reach more than a mile or so, centered around "Vesterbro"

(West End of Copenhagen). I loved the noises and the smells of the big city.

My favourite was visiting the local bakerman after a night out. All of Copenhagen was

shrouded in the smell of fresh bread at 4:am.

In Frederiksberg Park I often found inspiration sitting under a speciel tree, overlooking the small lake,

the castle and watching people walking by and birds flying high.

Just loving life and the things about to happen. Accompanied by artists like Gino Vanelli,

Doobie Bros., Eagles, Rickie Lee Jones, Kenny Loggins and Steely Dan, I placed my hopes for the future.

Even today I sometimes visit the park, just to be sure that my tree is still there.


Five pieces and the first half

Keeping the music on hold for a number of years I finally broke the silence, when Mikkel Nymand,

a dear colleague at my present work, introduced me to Ole Kibsgaard.

I knew Ole as a guitar player in a major Danish band "Shubidua." I got to know Ole as a multi talented

musician/producer and found that we shared the same music preferences. I sent him fifteen of my songs,

from which he should chose five pieces he liked the most. Just to see what would happen.

I believe, we have come up with a nice variety from our common musical span.

I have decided to release the five pieces only as download on the internet to avoid more CO2 emissions.

Please enjoy.....



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