Lyrics  (All songs written by Bjarne Beltoft, except "We are what we are" written by Bjarne Beltoft and Ole Kibsgaard)


Straight Lines


Hold on if you want to

Hold on if you care

Though writings on the wall may seem too rough

We're here together

It seems to me, that we can't get enough


Climb up, use my ladder

Climb up in my tree

The branches hide a view you'd never seen

It last forever

The best remain and no ones in between


Straight lines

you really got something to rely on

Straight lines

You never forget who you are

Straight lines

You always got someone to depend on

Straight lines


We could raise the values

We could close the deal

What matters is the way we change the change


If we believe in what we really feel


Gotta let you see


Always, I say always

You are on my mind and in my soul

Nowhere, I got nowhere

To run to when I'm really feeling down


I gotta let you see

What you do to me

You're the only one I really want

I gotta let you see

What's come over me

Do you really want this thing to happen


Happy, happy only

Everytime I see your face around

Long time, it's been a long time

Since I felt this way for anyone


You're the only one, I need forever

To hold and gently press against the wall

You and me, I know, it's now or never

Gotta let you see

You're a part of me


Rosie & Bragger


Rosie and Bragger features of vagrancy

Hanging in the diner "Blue Moon"

Wrestling with their minds

Of long forgotten times

Rosie pours the wine

Let's put it on the line

I love you better


He will reach for terms of immortality

And fairytales from places far away

He tries to save the day

Before she fades away

To sweep her in caress

Persistently he says

I love you better


Legacys and legends from the past

Appear as virgins in the cast

Strips and sheets seems to fade

Into the promises they made


She's gotta learn how to ease up on notions

He's gotta find time to love and devotion


Rosie and Bragger features of vagrancy

On primetime making a truce they'll understand

Rosie tries to hide, she's losing her foolish pride

When Bragger wispers in her ear

Baby I'm still here

I love you better


Down at the corner


Down at the corner, the week has gone

Resumes forgotten, the pace is done

Setting tables for dusk and wine

Comforts reigning

and everyone is doing fine

Down at the corner


Down at the corner. "Saturdays Hut"

Crowded pleasures is all you got

Galant losers will grant a toast

To all the winners

Runing fast from coast to coast

Down at the corner


Riots never in the air

Too much people seem to care

Take a look, make a stare

Riots gone, it's never there


Down at the corner, Sunday's good

The weather could be kinder

It always should

But people laugh and children play

No one seems to know

It's really really getting late

Down at the corner


We are what we are


How I long for all your tender kisses

For everything within your closest reach

How I long for all the solumn wishes

And all the confidence you always teach


Looking back at all the magic moments

We have shared, when we were still forever

I don't know 'bout you despite the omens

Could we ever be much more than never


We are what we are

Nothing in the world can change it

We are what we are

We are what we are

Hold on to my heart

Hold on to my heart

We are what we are


All the obvious demands a token

And in retrospect my mind i made up

We deserve more than that our hearts be broken

Keep the fire burning

We can't get enough


And when the world

Sometimes changes your way

Your will is gone

There's nothing to say

Don't look for reasons

Will you ever know

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